Training & Assessments

NVC employs qualified and experienced personnel to deliver training and assessment services.

All VET personnel will undergo an induction process that is relevant to their role, including but not limited to:

  • Training packages
  • Competency based training and assessment
  • VET requirements and policies requirements  for apprenticeships/traineeships if applicable
  • Staff responsibilities for access and equity


Ongoing professional development is supported and performance is monitored formally every six months.


NVC has policies and management practices in place to maintain high professional standards in the delivery of vocational education and training services and to safeguard the interests of candidates.  Trainers and assessors involved in the delivery of nationally recognised training adhere to the requirements of the AQTF standards and endorsed training package.


Nationally recognised training is delivered by trainers who hold current competencies in accordance with the requirements AQTF and are able to demonstrate vocational competencies at least to the level of those being delivered.


Our employees receive information, resources and professional development opportunities relevant to their job role in the areas of training packages, competency based training & assessment, along with vocational education & training requirements and policies.

We maintain a learning environment that is conducive to the success of candidates.  We have the capacity to deliver the nominated course/s, provide adequate facilities and use appropriate methods and materials.